Fusion Electrical
Down to Earth Business Coaching 


At the time of meeting James and Tom from Fusion Electrical Services, they were a team of eight, providing general electrical services for domestic and commercial customers. 

James and Tom recognised that whilst they had a good business there was a danger that the business was stalling. They were both so busy working in the business that there seemed no clarity about the direction of the business or time to work to focus on a business plan. 


Today  Fusion have clarity, direction and time for the directors to direct! They are growing and are now a team of ten and are developing an enviable reputation as specialist in providing electrical services to Letting Agents


Right from the initial session, Kevin’s support allowed us to think more strategically about the business, focus on what we wanted it to look like in the future and the building blocks that would allow us to get there.

We covered focused and specific topics and associated actions to move us into a more strategic position to understand where our business was and where we wanted it to be.


In just six months we have covered 

         ·       business review 'where are we now and where do we want to be’

·      understanding and defining our own roles and those of our team; developing job descriptions for team

                 understanding and future recruitment

         ·       understanding the financial drivers of our business and the profitability of our services and customer      


         ·       recognising the importance of emerging ‘green’ service markets and future potential for growth

         ·       defining our core values and developing our company culture

         ·       defining and promoting our company brand 

         ·       increasing marketing and proactively gaining sales

         ·       clarifying processes such as operations, payment terms, customer care and terms and conditions to meet 

                  our ambition to be known as a ‘professional’ company with clear customer-focus

         ·       developing 1 year and 3 year 360 degree business plans covering: turnover, profitability, operations, 

                 marketing, sales, productivity, customer retention, large customers, market sectors, products/services and 


         ·       identifying and implementing a software package (Simpro) to streamline business, increase efficiency and 

                 productivity and reduce the likelihood of errors in operations

         ·       developing KPIs in business to act as targets for the team

We continue to retain 23 Degrees to help us to extend and grow the business and remain focussed on our KPIs.
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